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now at noon, breaking news. half a dozen current and former san francisco police officers now facing federal charges. the accusations against them including corruption and stealing money and drugs. clear skies for now. but the rain is expected to move back into the bay area later today. we're tracking the second storm and the rain totals. and part of a major highway in the bay area shut down for hours. what led to this crash and the worries about spilled fuel.
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breaking news out of san francisco where five current and one former police officer now facing federal civil rights and crumbtion charges. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell sal castanedo is in the newsroom with the details. >> the officers were involved in drug raids at several tenderloin and south of market single room occupancy hotels. this is video of the raids. it surfaced in 2011. the video shows officers removing items from rooms of drug suspects. some involved in the raids are accused of never reporting the taken items and never checking the items into police evidence. this video was first released by public defender jeff adachi whose office represented some of the men whose rooms were raided. five wurnt and cun former san francisco police officer are facing federal, civil rights and corruption charges. they are --
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>> now, the indictment says the southern station defendants conspired to injure, threaten and intimidate the sro residents and entered rooms without warrants. they are also charged with falsifying police reports. the mission station defendants are accused of stealing valuable items from rooms, including computers, taking drugs and distributing them later. five are scheduled to appear in court this friday. vargas is scheduled to appear later today. the defendants from mission station face especially long federal prison terms if convicted. right now, police chief greg suhr is speaking about the indictments at the hall of justice. our reporter david stevenson broke this story this morning. he's there and will have reaction from the chief and the
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continuing investigation tonight at 5:00. sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. and this just in, governor jerry brown announced he is running for re-election. he just announced this minutes ago. he broke the announcement on twitter. his campaign later released a statement touting his successes. more rain is on the way for the bay area. but take a look from this live picture in oakland. as you can see, it's partly sunny right now. still quite a bit of blue sky there. however, it won't stay that way. rain will soon be back. mark tamayo is here with how much rain we've already received and when we can expect the next storm. >> storm one was a productive one across a good portion of the bay area, especially last night into early this morning. it's been a very productive month in terms of terms in northern california and rainfall. the most recent one you can see
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the totals adding up in the north bha and san rafael. 1.86 inches. that's from yesterday right on through early this morning. san francisco nearly an inch. san jose .69 and hayward nearly an inch of rain. we'll be adding more to the totals. right now, the live doppler, just a few clouds out there, but in terms of significant rainfall, nothing showing up but there's a chance of a scattered shower in the forecast for today. here's what's -- you can see the wider perspective. still some lingering rain and snowshowers out to our east, especially out toward the sierra. still some coverage for the mountains here and the activity will continue to be a factor over the next few hours and more snow in the forecast. we have another storm to talk about you can see developing offshore. this is the storm number two. this will be the key source for rainfall and wind as we head into late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. so coming up, at 12:20, we'll take a look at this, the timing of a high wind watch.
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let you know the areas that will be under a high wind watch and how strong the winds could be and also the timing of the heaviest rain. we're expecting significant downpours for one part of your friday. that's coming up at 12:20. with the heavier rain on the way, people in marin county are preparing for problems. alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: well, a big concern in this area is the flooding, especially here near the creeks to flow through marin county. but another big issue is the wind. that's what a lot of people are concerned about. that's why for the past few hours we've watched as crews have come out here to deal with a couple of troublesome trees here along this creek, trees that could have easily come down in this storm. workers from tree masters were busy this morning cutting down
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four white acacia trees near downtown mill valley. they almost fell down during a storm a couple of weeks ago. with heavy rain and gusty winds moving in, the owner says he's had three times as many calls from people who want their trees dealt with. that's compared to a normal day. >> when you have rain and wind combined, that's a sure recipe for trees to fall over. a lot of people are concerned. >> reporter: downed trees were an issue last night with the first round of this rain. this was a large tree that toppled near marshal along highway 1. to stay ahead of storm-related problems, marin county's office of emergency services will be carefully monitoring to keep an eye on flooding. >> the department of public works for the county is out clearing culverts and creeks and making sure everybody is
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flowing. they are checking their pumps. we're watching the weather to make sure that we're -- we're ahead of the weather coming in. >> reporter: and in some flood- prone areas, people are taking it upon themselves to prepare for storefronts in downtown mill valley today, they are already lined with sandbags. they know that's an area that tends to flood. if the flooding does get bad in certain spots, the county's office of emergency management is prepared to make reverse 911 calls to warn people about what's going on. they hope it won't come to that. we're live this afternoon in mill valley, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in oakland, city workers prepared for the next round of rains by clearing out storm drains. our crew caught up with these workers on tunnel road. they were busy shoveling out mud, weeds and other debris from storm rains. residents are getting prepared for the upcoming storm by placing sandbags and tarps on
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their property. a did the 687 million drought relief plan is headed to the governor's office for his signature. it was announced the two bills won overwhelming approval in both houses of the legislature. most of the money will go to water conservation and recycling projects. united states with the governor signs the bill, it goes into effect immediately. despite the latest rain california's water situation is still dire. about 30 minutes ago we received the results from the latest snow survey from the sierra. here is a new picture of surveyors with the california department of water resources at phillips station near echo summit. they say the snowpack is 33% of normal at that location off highway 50. still not good news but better than a survey last month which found the snowpack at a disappointing 18% of normal.
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you can get all of the latest weather information on our new ktvu mobile weather app. we'll help you get through the series of storms with live radar and an up-to-the-minute forecast. there was a major traffic jam in the south bay this morning after a tanker truck overturned spilling thousands of gallons of gasoline. this is video from newschopper2 near highway 101 at yagas creek where several thousands of gallons of fuel spilled from the tanker. the southbound direction of the highway near morgan hill to had to be completely shut down for seven and a half hours. >> reporter: the chp says a tanker truck landed on its side after a speeding car slammed into it on 101 southbound around 1:00 this morning. >> went into the center divider, collided with the guardrail, went across the southbound lanes and into a tanker truck. >> reporter: at least 3,000
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gallons of fuel spilled. half of it seeching into a -- seeping into a nearby drain. >> it's free flowing well because of the rain. there's nowhere to stop it from here to the ocean. we did the best we could to stop the flow and plug up the drains before more got into the water some. >> reporter: hazmat was on scene, fish and game and the coast guard will assess the impact to the environment. 14 homes had to be evacuated initially. the stench of gasoline so strong it could give you headache -- give you a headache. the backup extended for miles. on the northbound side, the direction of the commute was sluggish for most of the morning. in santa clara county, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time in 20 years, new labels are coming to food packages. the nutrition facts being emphasized to help people make healthier decisions. burnt piles of debris are
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all that's left after a fire ripped through a townhome. we'll tell you what's happened to the families displaced. $ [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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as a precaution, the 63-year- old was taken to a washington, d.c. hospital he was released a exufnl hours ago after being evaluated by doctors -- a couple of hours ago after being evaluated by doctors. for the first time in decades, nutrition labels are about to get a major makeover. jacqueline fell joins us live from washington, d.c. with the nutrition changes you can expect to see. jacqueline? >> reporter: tori, do shoppers really understand everything that's on these nutrition labels? the federal government doesn't think so. they want a new look that clearly tells you what you are eating. >> see what eating healthy does? >> reporter: get ready for a makeover. major updates are coming to the nutrition labels on more than 700,000 products you find in the grocery store. the first lady just unveiled two proposed labels the fda could soon require. >> we're overhauling these labels to make them easier to read and understand.
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>> reporter: under the fda rules, the serving sizes will to have been better reflect. an example, soda. the serving size will go from 8 to 12 ounces. also how much sugar is added will be included. >> they are proposing two different labels. >> reporter: we put the old and the new label side by side and headed to the grocery store. blaine cook says the proposed label is an improvement. >> i think that's one that's helping is the eight servings per container. that gives you a better idea what a serving size is. >> reporter: this woman likes the larger writing. >> it's tiny when you are trying to read it. >> reporter: the proposal is prompting some backlash from foodmakers, the change costing about $$2 million. the companies will have two years to update these labels with the new look. jacqueline fell, ktvu channel 2 news. new deals about a rare
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polio-like disease that has been discovered in at least 20 california children, including several in the bay area. now senator barbara boxer is urging the centers for disease control and prevention to investigate this mysterious disease. the disease causes paralysis and senator boxer is demanding answers. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is set to hold a discussion tonight about the future of b.a.r.t. strikes. joel keller is asking the public if transit strikes should be prohibited. he's proposing an advisory november ballot measure that will ask voters whether the state legislature should prohibit those strikes. commuters we spoke to today had mixed opinions. >> the fact that all of these stall i haves and -- salaries and everything is public record doesn't help their case. >> i don't think it's a good idea banning the strikes completely. i really think they are being large children. >> tonight's meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. at the kaiser center in
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oakland. last year, b.a.r.t. union workers walked off the job twice in july and in october. tens of thousands of people across the bay area were affected by those strikes. investigators in san jose are trying to figure out what started a fire that tore through a townhome complex early this morning. janine de la vega shows us what firefighters were up against when they arrived at that complex. >> reporter: in this cell phone video we obtained, you can see a first-hand look at what firefighters experienced as they approached the smoke and flames at this town home complex on chen know chenowith. it was a half-hour past midnightant people had already escaped. >> my first thought, get the kids out. it was spreading really fast and went a matter of minute, the whole back of the building, completely in flames. pretty scary. >> reporter: the fire spread fast and through to three alarms. firefighters say the car jumped
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from the carport and spread to the complex. it took crews an hour to get it under control. >> we lost couches, pictures, baby pictures, family memories, everything that we have ever owned from living here to hawaii and moving back, everything is gone. >> reporter: one townhome was destroyed. two others were badly damaged. the destruction most visible is in the back where you can see several charred cars. in all 18 people, including ten children, are without a place to live. there used to be a carport roof attached to the metal poles. it's all been burned away. all that's left is a pile of debris. fire officials are not calling this fire suspicious. they still have to dig through everything to figure out a cause of this fire. >> it's not unusual, not unheard of. we've had several carport fires in the past. we don't know what started this fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we know it started in the carport area. we believe it may have been in or around a car or in the back patio. >> reporter: the red cross is
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helping those displaced by the fire providing hotels and money for food and clothing. the residents say they are great until for the help and their lives. in san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. well, storm number one has moved out of the bay area. another one developing offshore and it will be here. it might wake you up early tomorrow morning because it will pack a punch. outside we have a few clouds out there. still the chance of a few scattered showers in the forecast. but in terms of organized rainfall, really not in the forecast for today. a sun/cloud mix. but the winds will be gradually trending upward. strong, gusty winds. right now on the doppler sweep, showing you a little bit of activity. not too much in the way of some coverage. but just out to the east of san jose and milpitas, and also out toward -- right around the san mateo bridge, there's still a few popup showers out there in terms of showers across northern california. we have action up to the north and snowshowers out to the east, out toward the sierra.
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as you can see on the system here, our next one developing onshore there is a very well- defined circulation. this will be the key source of more rainfall. more importantly will be stronger winds developing. we could have the possibility of power outages especially near the coast and the hills. current temperatures right now, santa rosa, 59 degrees. oakland, 62. and san jose at last check reporting 60 degrees and partly cloudy skies. so next storm that is for tomorrow. rainfall expectations about .75 to just over an inch. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour, especially near the coast and hills. thunder, we're talking about some thunderstorm chances here in the region. as far as the winds, that will be the key factor with those winds increasing out of the south over the next few days. in fact, a high wind watch begins late tonight in through friday for the coast and hills. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. typically, in advance of a storm, the winds come out of the south and that will be the case later on today. you will probably notice the
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winds increase say after 7:00 but especially after 10:00 and approaching the midnight hour. storm one, that is what the one yesterday. this is beginning to scoot out to the north. the next one developing offshore. today, sun/cloud mix. still the chance of a spotty shower. storm two this is aiming toward central and southern california. so los angeles, they have some heavy rain in the forecast. but close enough to us, we'll have moderate to heavy rainfall and the winds streaming in from the south. winds easily around 50 miles an hour, especially for the higher terrain. here is our forecast models. a lot of clouds at 6:00. look what happens at 10:00, and 11:00. the rain showers on the increase and this is early tomorrow morning. i think we'll get the heaviest rainfall early friday morning between 12:00 and 5:00. still a wet commute. even 6:00 tomorrow morning and at 11:00 as well. the quite a bit of activity into the afternoon hours. i think we'll have more breaks after the 12:00 hour for tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to the low to mid-60s out there. here is a look ahead at the
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five-day forecast, you can see the rain cloud making a big comeback. it will come in late tonight intoer tomorrow morning with the -- into tomorrow morning. there is a chance of a shower into saturday morning but probably looking better for the afternoon. partly cloudy skies on monday. mine more raindrops into early next week. we'll be watching the rain and the wind because we could have power outages. >> a real wind event coming our way. providing security for the 49ers' new levi stadium in santa clara. the local agency that might sign up for the job and how it would affect overtime and benefits for that city's police officers.
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stockses are higher in afternoon trading on wall street as investors respond to encouraging quarterly results from several retails. jc pen nip and best buys shares are up -- j.c. penney and best buys shares are up. the dow is up 57. the nasdaq up 22. s&p up 7. palo alto police could provide security at the new 49ers' stadium in santa clara. according to report, the palo alto city council is considering an agreement that would allow off-duty officers to work at the stadium. hours worked in santa clara would not be used to calculate overtime or other benefits. the city of santa clara would also pay for any injuries suffered by officers at the stadium.
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the vta is getting ready for the opening of levi stadium. officials say between 70 and 80 cars will be in service on game day. it's also building areas near the stadium where extra trains can be stored. >> you can buy a ticket on your phone or tablet and then just hop on the train. there's still some issues to be worked out. the vta says the 49ers have asked them to rename its great america station. a bay area disk jockey who went onto national game as a tv game show host has died. >> here's the star of the show, jim lange! [ cheers ] >> lange began his radio career in minnesota and moved here. he became known as the all- night mayor on kgo. he later hosted the dating gail and name that tune on tv. he died at his home in mill valley of a heart attack.
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he was 81. winds will be picking up this evening. the storm will be hammering the bay area right as bereturn for the news at 5:00 -- as we return for the news at 5:00. we'll have a complete forecast updating you as the conditions change and rain returns. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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up next on eco company -- >> healthy food for all. and these guys want to do their part. >> they're really cool because they provide fresh fruits and vegetables in areas that might otherwise not have them easily accessible. >> the crew from the big green bus make a stop to pitch in at a community garden. >> then growing more than ivy at yale university. >> we've got our squash field over there on the left. and coming up over here is where we grow all of our salad mixes. >> the sustainable food project from an ivy league campus. >> and talk about taking things into your own hands. >> half and half, yeah, that's perfect. >> meet

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